How You Can Turn Your Video Production Hobby into a Side Job

Video Production as a Lucrative Hobby

Are you into video production? For instance, do you take pride in recording your travels, reporting on latest trends and global news through video, or do you share your latest finds with the world through the lens of a camera? Video production can be a hobby, a way to express your creativity or a part of your resume that can help in securing a job.

With all the varied uses of video production, it is quite surprising to find that most individuals do not know that video production can be a lucrative job in itself. Although most individuals engage in video production for personal use, research by Contently estimates that up to 30% of individuals do it for the money. Another survey conducted by Hubspot indicates that more companies are steadily shifting marketing expenses to focus more on social media, blogging and video production which is a good thing for independent contractors, freelancers or full-time employees looking to have a side job as well as earn money.

From the above, it becomes quite rational for the next thing in mind to be about how to go from video production as a hobby to video production as a side job. A good place to start from is by building up your skills and showcasing it on various platforms that have a viral reach as this increases your chances of getting clients. Lemonlight Media Miami suggests to aspiring video producers to build up a creative portfolio. After building up on this, the following are the key things that you will need to turn this hobby into a lucrative opportunity:

What services can you offer?

Video production has different facets to it and not every potential client is looking for the same thing. As a result, it becomes important to not only know what services you can offer these potential clients by taking inventory of them but also making the necessary steps to diversify as much as possible. Other questions should be what type of video production services do you offer? How wide is your technical capability? How do you plan on organizing content?

Go Public

Although it pays to let your work speak for itself, the video production niche is highly competitive and chances of you getting a job from a company seeing your video are reducing by the day. Standing out in the video sphere is something that requires a lot of patience and hard work but this is a sill that most employers would be on the lookout for. It is a good idea to focus on getting your videos out there alongside, network with other videographers, be active on social media and attend industry events.


There are a lot of companies out there looking for video production services from the producing, marketing and branding videos for small businesses, dental offices, restaurants etc. The social media age has made it imperative that all businesses reach out to their customers in every way possible and most of them would be seeking for a video production specialist to help in achieving this.